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Locking the door is something you have to do so that your home’s security can be properly maintained. A door that is locked tightly will prevent the thief from entering. For that, maybe you will need a Household Professor to install the right door lock so that your house is not entered by thieves.

In addition to choosing the right home key, it’s also a good idea to use or install additional deadlocks or keys. Adding additional keys will provide extra security when you are at home. Deadlock sometimes referred to as ‘special deadbolt for exit’, is a deadbolt that has no key. This may be clearly visible on the door when viewed from the outside, but this key cannot be damaged without destroying the door, door frame, or the key itself. Although this type of security will not help you directly when you are not at home, this key is very easy to see and the thief will think twice about trying to break it.