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Low Watt AC or AC Inverter, what type should be chosen? Although the type of air conditioner for occupancy or commonly known as split AC is actually divided into three, namely standard AC, low wattage AC, and AC inverter.

Minimal electricity, select Low Watt AC

Yes, until now many of you are still confused by the AC type criteria. Actually, the type of low watt is relatively the same as the standard type. The thing that distinguishes is the power usage of the compressor.

Usually, for low watt types, the power used is smaller. Therefore, low wattage AC is always categorized as an electricity-saving air conditioner and is recommended for residential types that have low electrical power. That is, the use of power needed for the initial pull on a low watt AC is smaller.

If you want to choose the best low watt AC, there is the latest product from trusted companies. The ones that use freon R-32 which has proven ability to reduce global warming rates by up to 70%, reduce carbon dioxide disposal levels, and be easily recycled. Most importantly, the use of the freon R-32 can also make AC more economical. It’s because this type of freon is proven to make the air conditioner cool faster and reduce electricity consumption by up to 10%.

Have the capability of compressor performance, choose the type of inverter AC

Compared to low wattage AC, the inverter type has a higher use of electric power in the initial pull. The performance is intended so that the AC unit can cool the room according to the desired temperature as set on the remote.

Then, after the room temperature is close to that already in the remote settings, with the help of the temperature sensor in the AC unit, the compressor automatically slows down. Here the compressor will stay alive but work constantly to maintain the existing temperature with minimal electrical power consumption. The inverter technology controls the compressor motor speed and controls the flow of refrigerant to control the stability of the room temperature.