The Following Tips Can Reduce Bad Behavior During Hajj

Every year, pilgrims to the Holy Land experience an increase. This made the Saudi Arabian government take a decision to continue to improve facilities and services during the Hajj, including the expansion of the Grand Mosque hajj program . The number of travel agents that facilitate the Hajj process is also a factor in the increasing interest in Hajj. One of them can be seen at the They offer convenience as well as preparation before leaving for Hajj so that pilgrims can carry it out comfortably and focus.

Because pilgrims are increasing, there must be things that are less fun during the Hajj process. This should not be your obstacle. Stress, illness, and similar difficulties will be a test during the pilgrimage. In order to avoid bad behavior when performing the Hajj, here are some tips that can be useful for you:

– Weigh your default items
Buying too much stuff will make your luggage heavy. If it exceeds the limit, you will be asked to issue it. Or at worst, you must add to the cost of overloading. In order for this kind of thing not to happen on your journey of worship, you better weigh your luggage first so you can estimate how heavy the items you carry.

– Carrying additional Ihram clothes
The Holy Land is a hot place. In addition, you will travel a lot with your feet. Body sweating and dirty Ihram clothes are sometimes unpleasant. So instead of bringing useless things, it’s better to bring additional Ihram clothes.

– Bringing medicines
The air condition in the Holy Land may not be the same as your country. This situation sometimes makes some worshipers experience pain. To deal with these things, make sure you always carry the medicine in the bag for emergencies. If you get sick during the worship procession, you will not get the perfect Hajj and Umrah.

– Set Time Efficiently
Don’t spend too much time sleeping. It’s better to always get ready at any time if there is a signal to move. During a pilgrimage, time can sometimes be irrelevant, even carrying hours like useless. All you can do is always follow the instructions and move together with the group.