The physical care for the elderly

When a person reaches old age, physical and psychological bodily functions decline. This process is normal and the normal consequences of aging. There are various kinds of degenerative diseases that can be experienced by the elderly; this needs extra attention from the family and the closest people. Meanwhile, check out the adaptive skills if you want to know the better ways of taking care of the elderly.


The admin himself decided not to have a career and chose to accompany parents at home until both of them closed their eyes forever. There is satisfaction and happiness immeasurably as a child if you can totally accompany and care for your parents.

Caring for elderly parents is not only limited to physical health care but also to psychological and sociological health. The quality of life of the elderly tends to continue to decline with age. Decreasing mental capacity, changing social roles, dementia (senility), and post power syndrome are some of the things that are often experienced by the elderly who can worsen their condition.

The first thing you should do is assess the ability of parents to carry out their bodily functions. There are six basic functions that must be considered. If there is a decrease in the ability of the basic functions; this shows that your parents need more assistance. Six basic functions are eating, urinating and defecating, getting up and going to bed, going into the bathroom, showering and dressing. There is also a list of instrumental functions that you need to pay attention to too, such as how they use the telephone, prepare food, clean the house, wash the utensils or clothes, use means of transportation (driving or not), consume drugs and use the money.

All you need to do is observe them doing various activities. Pay attention if there are problems that arise. One important thing is not to offer assistance first or forbid them to do something as long as it is not dangerous. Take care of their feelings; don’t offend your parents’ ego.