This is the rule for using incense for Chinese citizens

Incense does have a very important meaning for some religious people in several countries. Incense is often used in various religious activities because it is considered to be able to make them more focused on worship and make their worship more perfect. Visit to get the incense you need. There are various types of incense and various aromas that you can get there.

Now, the shapes and sizes of incense vary. Some are small, large or circular. If usually, the main ingredient in making incense is wood powder, in India, there are also incense made from certain ingredients. Incense from certain ingredients is still fragrant and the smoke does not even hurt in the eyes. Thai-made black incense is also famous for its fragrance.

For Chinese people who want to pray, certainly not just using incense. Because there are several types of incense used in accordance with the designation. In general, incense for prayer in the past is usually red or yellow. Yellow incense is sometimes also used for medical ceremonies.

While green incense is used only for prayers of the dead until the mourning period is over. In addition to functioning as a medium of prayer, incense also functions for a measure of time.

In fact, as we often see in films, the smell of incense turns out to be very helpful in meditation. With the revival of meditation nowadays, many incenses are made with certain fragrances, such as scented sandalwood, jasmine, and others. The new fragrance of incense smoke turned out to be both an air freshener.

Incense does have its own meaning for some people who use it for worship. Various aroma of incense is also often used for various activities. In fact, there are some people who deliberately burn incense in their homes to make their homes full of positive energy and make them feel at home. Because the aroma can clearly affect the human brain, then look for incense with a calming aroma and can provide positive energy.