Parasitic worms disease can be caused by a dirty environment

By the time an environment is occupied, the people get used to healthy living, of course, this will create a good impression for themselves and the community. Conversely, if the environment that we live in is dirty, it will create a bad impression. In the meantime, you may call the trusted empresas de aseo if you want to get rid of germs and diseases from your toilet.

To create a healthy living environment is actually not difficult. This can be started from small things, such as not throwing the smallest garbage in any place, or throwing garbage in its place. A healthy clean and comfortable environment is an environment that is free from contamination of dirt from the environment around it. It’s time we take care of and care for our own environment so that it becomes a healthy, clean and comfortable environment.

The dirty environment turns out to cause various kinds of diseases, and one of them is worms.

Worms can occur in adults, but the tendency is more common in children because children are more difficult to maintain cleanliness, especially when they play. Lack of understanding and awareness of the benefits of hygiene make children do not care about their hygiene plus the attitude of parents who also consider it trivial can make the incidence of worms in children become greater.


Toilet facilities in poor homes can support the transmission of intestinal worms. Worm eggs that contaminate the soil can be carried away by feet or dirty footwear when entering the house. Worms can be contagious if a family does not maintain the cleanliness of the house and place of residence properly, especially when washing hands before eating.

Treatment :

Because sometimes it is difficult to detect people who have worms, then you should routinely take worm medicine every six months, one does that is appropriate and recommended. If you already know if you are exposed to intestinal worms, immediately take it to the doctor so that you can examine further the incidence of intestinal worms that attack our family members. So you can get worms that are prescribed and appropriate.