These are the two types of business platforms that you should know well


Today’s business platform is indeed an important thing that is very much needed by all businesses that are developing and based online. With this business platform, the buyers will also be easier to buy and order goods in your store. One of the things that can help you, in this case, is Clickfunnels. Maybe, you will ask, what is clickfunnels and what are the benefits for your business.

There are many benefits that can actually be obtained from using this business platform. Starting with selling products, giving membership to customers, making email lists and so on. This is a very good advantage for your business people. However, there are several types of business platforms that you should know well. Some of the business platforms in question are

1. B2B (Bussiness to Business)
This B2B usually includes all electronic transactions of goods or services carried out between companies. Traditional producers and traders usually use this type of platform.
Generally, this type of platform is done by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and e-mail in the process of purchasing goods and services, information and consulting, or sending and requesting business proposals.
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the process of transferring structured data, in an approved standard format, from one computer system to another computer system, in electronic form.

2. B2C (Bussiness to Customer)
B2C is a type of platform between companies and end consumers. This is in accordance with the retail section of the platform commonly operated by traditional retail trade.
This type can be easier and dynamic, but also spreads more unevenly or even stops. This type of platform is growing very fast because of the support of the emergence of websites and the number of virtual stores and even malls on the internet that sell a variety of community needs.
While in developed countries like America, there have been many successful e-commerce stories in the online retail field.