The Secret of the Ruling Black Magic Book

Picatrix, which mostly explains the science of astrology, is actually famous as a book that explains the theory of the formation of the universe or what is known as the theory of cosmology. The book originally in Arabic and named Ghayat al-Hakim was written in the middle of the 11th century. If this name is translated into English it reads, ‘The Aim of the Sage’ or ‘The Goal of the Wise’. The book was originally translated into Spanish before being translated into Latin in 1256 Masihi by someone to be presented to King Alfonso the Wise by bearing the name ‘Picatrix’. This book collects a collection of ancient manuscripts of black magic used expanded in the ninth and tenth centuries before Masihi. The Pacitrix is ??divided into four major parts, namely Book I, Book II, Book III and Book IV, where each portion has various branches of sorcery through 55 astrological magic, 22 pieces of amulet goodness, how to make ‘potions’ of love, looking for treasure buried, fertilizing crop yields and others.


The book Abramelin or better known as “The Book of Abramelin” is also believed to be a book that teaches about magic. This book begins with a story that tells of an Egyptian sorcerer named Abra-Melin or better known as Abramelin. Its name matches the name of the mythical sorcerer ‘Merlin’. Abramelin is described as a zuhud, unaffected by worldly possessions. Only live to worship God. Around 1362 AD – 1458 M. Abramelin was a famous semi-mythical sorcerer who taught Kabbalah sorcery to Egyptian society and all of his magic spells were published in his book entitled ‘The Book of Abramelin’. Abramelin is known to live in the desert outside the Arachi region (an ancient city of Tamadun Egypt close to the Nile). Abramelin had a pupil named Abraham the Worm and he gave two magic manuscripts namely ‘Divine Science’ and ‘True Magic’ to his pupils after Abraham promised to be faithful to change his life to someone who worshiped and worshiped the Lord Abramelin ‘teachings Way and Law of the Lord ‘. These two manuscripts were only given to the person he trusted.

This book is believed to be filled with teachings to guard the power of the devil and make him obey all the commands of magicians, find treasure, fly in the sky, become treasures and other abilities that cannot be reached with the human mind. This book was finally translated into English by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers under the heading ‘The Book of Abramelin the Mage’ in 1898 which was distributed to three phases, namely Book I contains 12 headers, Book II also contains 20 headlines and the last Book III contains 30 canoes of all.