Watch straps choices: Leather vs Canvas


Every ingredient from the clock has its own advantages. But for those of you who use this leather watch, it gives off an impression of luxury and dandy, so it’s sure that ladies will be fascinated by your appearance. In addition, you are not expected to wear this leather watch for diving or white water rafting because the material is made of skin if exposed to water can cause itching. Indeed, basically this watch is worthy of being used for official events, but it can also be for everyday people who want to look casual. This type of leather watch is indeed expensive, so it is only natural that those who wear this watch will look dashing and charming. In the meantime, we also recommend you to see the exquisite movado watch too.

However, not all of the men always want to look luxurious, elegant, and cool. As for those who look ordinary, or arguably cool and ignorant of appearance. Now, with that appearance, you can wear a canvas watch. Even though many of these watches refer to as army clocks, they are still cool to wear to non-formal and semi-formal events. This canvas material has a strong durability, not easily scratched.

Compared to other materials, this watch is lighter so it is comfortable to wear, but don’t fall into the water or forget to put your watch on when you take a shower because this material is not waterproof so that it will take a long time to dry it even though using a hair dryer even though.