Avoid These Two Mistakes When Making A Marketing Ad

In marketing, the existence of advertisements is indeed quite helpful to make a brand or product known in the community. A good advertisement will certainly be able to make sales of a product increase. When sales of a product increase, then you will be able to increase the company’s revenue as well. The Craigslist Posting Service can help you post ads that you have with the strategies they have.

Unfortunately, in making a marketing ad, there are some mistakes that are still made by some people.

1. Using too many words
Writing down the ad tagline by using words that are too long will not have a positive impact on the sale of your product. According to research, that one’s focus when seeing an ad only lasts about 8 seconds. And worse for the youth in this millennial era, the focus on advertising decreased to only around 5 seconds.

2. Using the wrong words
The focus of marketing is Prospective Buyers, therefore don’t overuse the words “I, We, Our Company, Ours” but replace it with the word “You, Your Own, For You …”.