Effective Ways to Control Goods Stock in Warehouses and Outlets

The most common case in the field is the difference in stock between the physical and the system which of course can harm the company. This can be caused by a number of things such as lack of human resources that make work overload, inadequate systems, late data entry both when restoring items, sales, refunds, and stock taking, and can also be due to theft. If you are a business owner who truly cares about the assets and growth of your business, surely you will know how valuable it is to be able to always know in real time the stocks produced, which are in each location, sold, reject / loss and others – other. So, how to effectively control stock items? Please learn more.

Total Stock Opname periodically to know the exact stock quantity of goods. At the very least, you must specify the date on which all new items will be traced with the system so that the data is neat and accurate. With SO periodically, you can make sure that your team has used the system correctly (because physical data stock must be = system data) and at the same time also checks the system condition (is there a bug or there is an improper process, what needs to be developed? ) Adjust Stock Quantity in the System, there is a Stocktaking feature that can be used to adjust the stock stock for all products in each inventory location after the Stock Holding. Coordination is needed in all locations (outlets, warehouses, head office, online sales channels) to be able to simultaneously use the latest data. Every day, if there are a number of stocks that need to be edited, it can still be done in Inventory Product and Inventory Materials by certain level users.

If the stock data is neat and accurate all, then is how to ensure that the data entered in the system is always accurate. Unfortunately, there really is no other way than to get used to discipline in following the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for each part of the company’s operational chain that has been determined as the next steps. Use a uniform formula for Product Code and/or Barcode. This greatly facilitates the search for goods (faster) because it is standardized, anyone (old/new employees) can easily search for items without having to know the product specifications in more detail. Product Code can include product type codes, color codes, supplier/production codes.