Easy Steps to Learning Arabic Until Smooth

You have tried hard to find and try the right way to learn Arabic, but still not produce maximum results? You have tried the method of learning Arabic for beginners in various models of courses, both face-to-face and learn arabic online (via WhatsApp, Telegram etc.), but your Arabic skills still run on the spot? In fact, you feel bored with existing Arabic learning guides and finally, you give up even though you have high ideals if you are able to speak Arabic well?

The survey shows that the failure of a person to master the Arabic language is mostly due to systematic errors and learning steps. Unfortunately, in every Arabic language course (especially in schools), both in online and face-to-face courses, you will find the same thing. The way to learn Arabic is rigid, boring and your skills will never develop. But if you face the problem above, there is good news for you.

We will provide secret steps so that you can learn Arabic quickly and produce tangible results. We will not waste your time by giving ancient steps that cannot be accounted for.

Step I: Practice the Sounds of Arabic Letters

Yes, the first thing you must do now is to practice pronouncing the letters in Arabic.

Especially the following 10 letters:
Tsa ‘(Tsa – Tsi – Tsu)
Ha ‘(Ha’ – Hi ‘- Hu’)
Kho (Kha – Khi – Khu)
Dzal (Dza – Dzi – Dzu)
Syin (Sya – Syi – Syu)
Shod (Sha – Shi – Shu)
Dhood (Dha – Dhi – Dhu)
‘Ain (‘ A – ‘I -‘ U)
Ghain (Gha – Ghi – Ghu)
Qoof (Qa – Qi – Qu)

Step II: Use Arabic Vocabulary From the Most Often You Meet

After completing step I, you are now fluent in saying the letters in Arabic. It doesn’t matter if you study like children, what matters is that the results you get have an effect and are satisfying. To be able to learn how to use Arabic vocabulary, you can visit our website.

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